Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Portrait Fun!

I had my heart set on doing a Christmas photo session with my daughter today. We only did this one dress because it was about 43 degrees and she was freezing!

We arrived at our location too early so the light was a bit too bright to capture what I wanted. The tone on the skin is too yellow and you can't photograph eyes as well in the blaring sun.

We did not have much time to wait for better lighting since she was so cold. I had an idea to take some of our Christmas ornaments and hang them in the trees as a backdrop. I love how it came out! But next time we will do our Christmas pics in 60 degree weather so it is more relaxing.  So I will keep some Christmas balls out all year just to re do this session in better weather. Our regular temp is actually 57 at this time!

The dress she is wearing is $19.99 from target, I thought it would look richer in a photo, but I think I was wrong. The hat is from Nordstroms, love the white fur!.

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