Monday, November 1, 2010

My Entry to Win as a tester for Florabella textures!

"My Secret Ocean"
My recipe for this image
Florabella Luxe Action: Ambrosia + Sweet Sunshine
Texture: Mai Tai
I love Florabella Actions and textures so much. I use them exclusively, and know that my work looks more beautiful and interesting since I started to use them. These actions take my photography to new heights and gives my images a romantic vintage timeless quality that I would not be able to achieve other wise. I am so grateful  to Shana for giving me such an amazing gift! I have only been taking pictures for a 1 year professionally and I only shoot with a 50mm 1.8 and a Canon Rebel, unless I do a wedding then I rent the must have lenses. If  I were to advise a new photographer what to buy I would say, get the 50mm 1.8 + Canon Rebel xs and most importantly buy Florabella Actions and Textures to set your self apart and give you a professional edge!  Florabella is the best investment I have ever made. I started out with all the freebies you can get on line, but I must say in all honesty Florabella Actions are soooo much better. That is why I bought the Vintage Actions, Vintage Spring Actions, Luxe Actions and a set of gorgeous textures! You can never have enough and Shana's Actions just get better and better! The Luxe Action set is now my new favorite!

 "Vintage Autumn Bride"

This image is of the first bride I have ever photographed in September 2010!

My Florabella Recipe:
Luxe Action: Pandora
Textures: Vintage Moss + Vintage Autumn

There are sooo many entries to win this contest, but I figured I have nothing to loose and it is my way of sharing Florabella with you and how much Florabella has enhanced my business and how it can do the same for you if you want to start taking pictures! Florabella is also amazing with floral photography! I use Photo Shop Elements 8, and LOVE IT! It is easy to use and since Florabella creates gorgeous actions for PSE users there is never a need for me to upgrade. So I will keep buying Florabella and eventually fill my camera bag with lots of great lenses and an additional camera body. That's all I will ever need.

Wish me luck!

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